Welcome to the online home of Moonshell Books, Inc. Our company has three main areas of business:

  • Publishing the novels of Shelley Adina and Adina Senft.
  • Copyediting the works of independent authors
  • Teaching the craft and business of writing, both in the university classroom and at workshops internationally.

Feel free to browse, and be sure to click on a recent blog post. Each post will tell you about a book copyedited by Moonshell Books, Inc., with back-cover copy and a close-up of the cover. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Shelley, I heard you talk in Burlingame on Saturday and really enjoyed it. I bought the first book in your steam punk series and finished it in two days. Remember what you said about turning those pages? Well, I couldn’t put it down. Mostly because I had no idea what would happen next. After I catch up on things I ignored while I read, I’ll be reading the next one.
    So glad to have met you and discovered your books.
    : ) Malena

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